Thoughts on Visionary Art


Some thoughts on visionary art


So I read a lot in social media about “What is visionary art” and most people seem to agree that most art is visionary of some sort. Well I can’t really agree with that as I see so few pieces I would call visionary at all. There is one main difference between visionary and “ordinary” art. The first is done by seers and the latter by perceivers.

The process how the vision of a painting comes to the canvas is very different. The perceiving artist takes from reality, mixes the impression with his own thoughts and artistry and spills it back out on the canvas. The seeing artist takes his inspiration from a different source which can’t be seen, just felt….he is able to bring forth something from the unknown and enrich our world with something which can’t be expressed yet. It’s the fire of infinty which burns right through the artist and expresses it’s own image through the hands of the artist. The artist becomes a tool for a greater spirit which works “through” him. For me a “visionary” piece can’t be planned…it just comes to you. And to attain that you have to be very gifted spiritually or your life path took you to that ability through hard work and a lot of contemplation.

True visionaries are seers and have to work as much on their spiritual connection to the source as on their painting technique….they see something which is not integrated in our society yet and transmit that information into the stream of the present. A real visionary artist is as much a prophet as he is a master in painting. It’s really not repeating sacred geometry patterns over and over. That is geometric art and can be copy and pasted endlessly.