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“The creative process is like a simulation of life.

You constantly make decisions, to create something which feels fulfilling.”




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In Dennis Konstantin Bax acrylic painting course (available online & in his Hamburg studio) you will not only learn ingenious techniques of acrylic paint, but also, with ease, to dive into the magic flow of painting.

Life presents us with new challenges every day, which we master with creativity, intuition and our intellect. But often we lack the right balance of these three forces. Painting can playfully support us to listen to our intuition with courage and to try out new undreamt-of paths.

Dennis Konstantin Bax’ painting course is designed for beginners, who want to find their way into painting as well as for advanced students, who want to improve their technique. Through a creative approach, you will learn to build confidence in your intuitive creativity and create visual masterpieces with simple methods.

In his courses Konstantin addresses the individual needs of his students and supports them in the best possible way in the further development of their painting style. The small groups with a maximum of two participants create a productive and familiar working atmosphere.

Draw from Konstantin’s extensive experience as a painter and let him support you on your creative path and lead you to personal success.

You will learn

  • to strengthen the connection to your intuition
  • to have the courage to just start
  • creative acrylic techniques
  • about color – space – composition
  • to make color glow
  • to find your own style




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Dennis Konstantin Bax, born 1979, studied interior design before he decided to become a full-time painter. His unconventional painting style, which is mainly based on chaos and spontaneous structures, quickly helped him to gain international recognition.

Konstantin firmly believes in the liberating and strengthening power of art. In a world that is more than ever governed by reason, it becomes the isle of creative intuition. A mirror of the world and the self, in which everything seems possible.

“It is not about living from art, but about the art to live”.

Personal development has always been more important to the artist than financial success. He sees painting as a medium that helps him to immerse himself into the creative flow of the world and to grow from it. For him painting is a world full of possibilities.

He is probably right when he says: “The creative process is like a simulation of life. You constantly make decisions, to create something which feels fulfilling.”





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“In the Light of Intuition” – Your acrylic painting course in Hamburg & online worldwide

PRICES (materials incl.)


Live courses in the artist’s studio

  • single hour (90 min.) 90€ (120 min. course with 2 students)
  • full course “In the Light of Intuition” (2 x 180 min.) 320€
  • individual art consultation  (60 min.) 60€

Online courses via Zoom

  • full course “In the Light of Intuition” (4 x 90 min.) 250€
  • individual art consultation  (60 min.) 60€


For bookings please use the contact form below. Appoinments for the courses can be arranged individually. Nice gift certificates can be found here.


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Konstantin Bax

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