Tribute to Lemmy!

DennisKonstantinBax Lemmy

“The last Hellbender” | acrylics on canvas | 50cm x 70cm | 2017



Long live Rock n’ Roll!


I just finished this piece here as a tribute to the band Motörhead and all dead Rock n’ Roll Legends in general. I am very happy with the outcome as this piece was a real roller coaster ride at the end and I had to struggle to get it all together and in a nice flow.

The idea was that a spirit goes to hell (R.I.P. Lemmy) and infuses the dark structures down there with neon Rock n’ Roll energy. The idea is a bit crazy I know but it was really refreshing having this theme as a reference for doing this abstract piece.

Like with all my abstract work I want to leave it to the viewer what the painting is about.


You can get this piece as a Fine Art Poster HERE!