“Your art seems to be born before its time, very premature I would say. It is perhaps a portal to a universe where there is no limit to the imagination, or rather; an imagination that knows well of limits and borders but knows with wisdom to surpass them in a sensual, aesthetic and extremely subtle way, aimed at an audience that appreciates the value of existence at an intuitive and spiritual level. My most sincere congratulations, you have a gift in your interior superior to many artists and painters, in the artistic community of our generation and from our past.” Efrat Cybulkiewicz – Ar(t)moire

“I just have to say that, your ability to capture energy fields in such a tangible way is as refreshing as it is enlightening!!! Thank you so much, with blessings to you on the journey forward…”

“Konstantin, your art moves me so deeply, in a way only subconscious currents can stir the surface waters of the spirit. Thank you!”

“I feel like I was just taken to another planet by your book, or another world altogether. I’m stunned and fascinated by your work! It’s absolutely incredible. I don’t have the proper words.”

“In your paintings it seems that the same space is occupied by millions of different dimensions and memories. My mind is melting!”

“Wow man! Just wow! I imagine your art as a representation of the spirit within. Like if one could only see someone’s spirit, not the physical body, this is what they’d see. Absolute perfection!”

“Every composition is a masterpiece, the level at which you create is outstanding and complete. The depth to which you explore in creation is remarkable and impressive beyond any measure. Please continue being inspiring and inspired with unbound and limitless passion!”

“I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this before and it fascinates me.”

“Light language!”