The Everlastic Dynamo



Fine Art Poster


  • Offset print on heavy poster paper
  • 49cm x 49cm | 260g/m2
  • signed by the artist
  • free shipping (from Hamburg) worldwide!
  • limited time Special Offer ‘3 for 2’ Learn How


29.00 $

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“Voided, imageless contemplation,
a clear look at the divine light
and a pure rapture of the mind in front of god’s countenance…
these three combined accumulate the true visual experience,
in which nobody can be mistaken.”

– jan van ruysbroek –





Fine art poster of Dennis Konstantin’s 2013 piece “The Everlastic Dynamo”. Signed by the artist!

My conception of the Yin Yang symbol. Contemporary abstract psychedelic art from Hamburg/St. Pauli.




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