‘3 for 2’ Special Poster Offer


Celebrating 10 Years of denniskonstantin.com!


The last 10 years have been a wild ride for me. I feel very blessed that I can say that I am living off my art for a decade now, thanks to all the people who appreciate what my soul is burning for. It is time to say Thank You!

Even if you never bought something from me and just look at the stuff I am doing, that already means the world for me. I want to be here to inspire. But for those who would like to get my art into their homes, and so support my work, I made this special poster offer.

If you buy two regular posterprints, you will get a third one for free. Just order two posters from the shop and fill out the field ‘order notes’ with your choice of the free print. If one of the two posters you buy is a limited edition (the ones for 39€), you can even get another limited edition poster for free.



Thanks for all the support over the last 10 years…be blessed on your journeys!